the Great Unification

Inspiration for the End: "Free Your Choice" - the Great Unification

Yan Golding, a yoga instructor, permaculture teacher, dancer, and community builder, co-founded a pioneering eco-community called Khula Dhamma in South Africa, organised and co-facilitated the first Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) in Brazil, and is now living in Southern Portugal where he intends to co-create another ecovillage. He is also part of the steering group that is spear-heading a bio-regional Transition Initiative of the Western Algarve. He unfolds his plan through this poem.

Let me see what sublime dream
I can arouse from your opening hearts.
This poem will illuminate an audacious plan
For whole-systems revolution is my true art.
Please, tell me if you see what I see.
For either have I seen the future,
Or my optimism is as misguided
As our species.
Do you see how humankind
Has been taken hostage
By a system of money and power
That none of us have chosen?
Yet, in the face of destruction and deception
We continue to tolerate and to cooperate
With this insatiable Juggernaut
That devours and desecrates All Life.
I wonder, is this Your conscious choice?
Yes, changing the world begins with changing ourselves,
And maybe it doesn't have to end here.
Is mass-enlightenment a prerequisite before we can all agree
That we are governed by ignorance that feeds on our fears?
Can you see how in our resistance
And our quest for cultural transformation
We keep playing this corrupted game
According to the concocted laws of system?
I want to know who else can see
An immensely overlooked possibility:
The radical paradigm shift that
We can choose to change the rules.
For surely you can see how our culture is ruled by money?
If more people would fully understand the global banking system
There would be a planetary revolution before tomorrow morning.
This rat-race has been designed and enforced with cunning manipulation.
The Human Race enslaved though money-worshipping mass indoctrination.
We can only be kept in cages that we don't see.
Inside its mental, outside its monetary.
Entrapped, divided and conquered are we,
By a manufactured illusion of scarcity.
So tell me, how far do we allow this all-consuming system to go?
How much disdain for our lives and Pacha Mama must it show
Before we recognise its relentless exploitation as imperiously calling our bluff?
Before we, The People, Rise in Unison to finally resound “Enough is ENOUGH.”
How I long for The Day of the Real Revolutionaries!
No longer to be tricked by unscrupulous mercenaries.
Realising Our Unique Privilege to Co-create a Conscious Revolution.
Converging in Intentional Unification Around Our Abundant Wealth of Solutions.
Yes! Have You been fortunate enough to see
The Peace-loving and Mind-blowing Parallel Reality?
Have you glimpsed the Shining Spectrum of Social Change
That the mass media strategically ignores?
Millions of people of all cultures, colours and ages
We are Being, Living and Creating the Changes.
Thousands of organisations, hundreds of movements
Blossoming with Enthusiasm, Meaning and Fulfilment.
Our Positivity Flourishing because Our world is prolific
With Effective Alternative Models of Economics & Politics
And Countless Ecological Solutions and Social Innovations.
We have seen The Coming World- it's rooted in LOCALISATION.
We are the most diverse and creative
And uplifting movement in the world!
Yet for most of our Human Family
We remain completely unseen and unheard!!
Can you see the deprivation of vital information?
Imposed by a press that's designed by corporations.
Suffered by the selectively conditioned and silenced majority,
In a world that is dying for inspiration and honesty.
We, who know how another world is possible,
Would do well to share this knowledge more effectively.
We, who are being the change we want to see,
Would do well to recognise our kindred spirits more clearly.
We, who are living the change we want to see,
Would do well to recognise the diversity of our kindred spirits more clearly.
Within this recognition awaits our power to catalyse the shift.
Yes, it's our choice to unleash it- if and when we wish.
If we are indeed the ones we've been waiting for,
Then please tell me- What on Earth are we waiting for?!
Why do We submissively and meagrely persist
To pry our progressive paradigms, priorities and practices
Into a solidified, complexified and undignified establishment of unconsciousness?
Can We Now Expand Our Vision Outside the Box of Systemic Compliance?
It's time to unlimit our minds from perceived possibilities,
Awaken to our capacity to create a New Global Reality.
We are not at a tipping point.
United, We ARE The Tipping Point.
In the fertile, yet uncultivated field of our Common Ground,
Our Metamorphic Latent Potential awaits to be found
It is an Untapped Opportunity of epic proportion.
Can you fathom our unified power to transition the system?
We have been taught that the system is indisputable.
We have been conditioned to think it immutable.
Now you are summoned to review our voluntary self-debilitation.
Only We can unshackle Ourselves from this evolutionary limitation.
Do we really need to argue and speculate about the climate that is changing,
When it's clear our cultural and ecological dysfunction stems from the same origin?
Can we now address the root cause instead of endlessly fighting the symptoms?
Because changing this entire obsolete system will ultimately CHANGE EVERYTHING.
We talk much of unity awhile we struggle alone
To save our little corner of our ailing planetary home
From an unlimited economic delusion fabricating profitable rules.
Illegalising conscious lifestyles and under-funding alternative schools.
... Or should I say puppeteering political fools?
Honestly, we can do so much better than this!
It is time to connect the dots on a planetary scale!
Piecemeal policies and protocols ain't gonna cut it, People.
Starting today, we can phase out this life-blood-sucker from the root.
Peacefully, intelligently, THROUGH UNITY, WE RE-BOOT.
So here's an idea... a Invitation...
Through the Internet Extension of Our Collective Consciousness
We spread a Radical Idea through the Entire Human Populace,
To Explore the Greatest Potential of Our Web-based Connection
By facilitating the coordination of Unified Critical Mass Action.
Skilfully using technology We measure our Collective Maturity
Pooling our Knowledge and Understanding, gauging our Humility,
To Transcend our Ideological Differences and Opinions of Separation,
As We Gather on the World-Wide Platform of
From Permaculture to Transition Towns to Gaia Education
From Anonymous to The Zapatistas to New Earth Nation,
From GMO-Activists to Yogi's to Non-violent Communication ,
All Branches of Change- Unified in One Conscious Transformation Celebration.
Thus, Our Consolidation becomes a Beacon for Cultural Re-education
And a Medium for Disseminating the most Practical & Relevant Information
About the Global Renaissance that awaits Our Entire Earthling population
When We Focus Our Solidarity into an Unprecedented, Inculsive Collaboration.
TOGETHER is How Our Diversity and Our Conscious Evolution can Soar.
TOGETHER We can offer Each Other the World's Biggest Gift:
To Design, to Catalyse and to Collectively Explore
The Quantum Leap of a Cultural and Systemic Shift.
We, The People, Have the Power to End poverty, hunger and starvation.
We Have the power to End war, torture and oppression.
We Have the Power to Reclaim our Political, Economic & Personal Sovereignty.
And We Have the Power to Restore our Mother Earth's Natural Beauty.
All our Indigenous Knowledge, Grass-roots Solutions and Cutting-edge Innovations
Are like saplings in the forest yearning for full maturation.
For the Big Tree falling will expose a New Dimension of Transformation,
Having sharpened our Small Axe with The Great Unification.
Jah Rastafari!
Da Babylon system – Consciously Dismantled by The People!
With Wisdom and Intelligence now finally at the helm
We are taking Human Existence to a whole other realm.
As we steadily sail from fear to Love and from corruption to Transparency.
From competition to Cooperation and from greed to An Abundant Gift Economy.
From deforestation to genetic desecration
Many of us knew this nightmare all too well
Even though most of us chose ignorant bliss.
We've unanimously stopped turning Earth into hell!!
From Guantanamo to the gulags to All Fellow Humans
If there were any whose suffering was silenced,
The common voice of The People has now been heard.
We do not tolerate any uninvited physical violence!
Yeah... You may say that I'm a dreamer,
Yet You know I am not the only one,
We hope that today You will join us
So We can All live in Shalom Salaam.
Now imagine that You don't have to imagine.
Because it's really a Matter of Choice.
Your Decision to take Unifying Action
Is Realised- quite simply- through Echoing this Voice.
We Are Many Who Are Ready For Change
From All Lands and Tribes Near and Far!
Now is the Time for Us to Rise Together.
Let's See How Many Love-Revolutionaries We Are!!
Could it really be this embarrassingly simple
To Create the World Our Hearts Know is Possible?
It's a Nothing-to-lose Experiment We're Free to Explore.
The Choice was Ours all along- and Now it is Yours. being unleashed on March 21st, 2015
Please contact Yan ([email protected]) if you would like more information; to support and / or co-create this initiative; to receive the pre-launch newsletter; or assist with webdesign (Wix), translation, promotion, fundraising etc. Welcome!


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