Village Trade Center

The time of the World Trade Centers is over, we will have Village Trade Centers instead! A Village Trade Center (VTC), is the simple idea of stimulating local production based on the talents of people in the village. This concept was first born in Veerhuis; see the short animation for an overview:

We are now in the process of making the VTC a worldwide movement in a open source construction as a creative common. We formulated the 6 basic dimensions:

1. People and their talents are pivotal. The organization brings out the best in everyone from their (spiritual) origin. The VTC is a place where people find joy in their efforts.
2. Communication is based on trusting that all things are possible. And on the understanding of the wholeness of existence. The VTC tells its story from heart to heart.
3. The real estate and land are in collective ownership. The VTC concept belongs to all of us, as in a creative common. Agreements are, specific to country, legally secured. Collective ownership ensures the continuity of each VTC. Stewardship reflects the shared responsibility. 
4. The organization principle of shared responsibility is honored so that each voice is heard in the process of reaching consent when making important decisions. It has to make sense for each and everyone.
5. The value-creating activities serve the local economy and community. The direct environment provides the products. Money circulates, as much as possible, on a local level. Regional activities blossom.
6. All actions are guided by a deep respect for Nature and humankind. VTC activities add to the vitality of the human and natural organism.

If people are interested in the next steps for the VTC, please mail Henry Mentink via [email protected]


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