GEN Sites

Ecovillage Networking

GEN Sites is the online networking platform of the Global Ecovillage Network. A multitude of features support dynamic interaction and collaborative project development. It includes events, news and projects as well as a forum and marketplace.

GEN sites provides the possibility to host regional, national and thematic websites. Individualized, while having full access to a vibrant pool of content. With your user account created on any of these sites you are able to login on all other affiliated sites and then create content visible on various sites simultaneously.

Take Part

  • Sign in or create your account to become a part of the online community
  • Find and Network with people and projects from around the world.
  • Browse and contribute to the marketplace of services, products and land.
  • Find community events or advertise an event you are organizing.
  • Join or start a conversation in the Forum.
  • Add you project or community to the database and get access to our sustainability assessment tool.
  • Browse the catalog of images, videos and news articles from the network.