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  • The Pan-African Ecovillage Development Programme: building...

    The Pan-African Ecovillage Development Programme: building resiliency and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. By Tim Clarke, former EU Ambassador, advisor of the Global Ecovillage...

  • Integrated Land Use Design and Greening Schools

    A solution provided by Mugove Walter Ngyia, Malawi

    Numerous communities in Africa are affected by critical issues such as hunger and malnutrition that still afflict millions of children in...

  • Ecobuilding as part of Sustainable Development in Bafut...

    Transforming a farm into a learning center and ecovillage: together we have created a model for the region with ecological buildings, the beginnings of a food forest, and water and...

  • Opportunities for Education and Engagement

    International Summer Training Camp, August 2016 - Bridging cultural boundaries to share, learn, and cultivate peace and tolerance at a global level.



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Mama Duniani ECO City in Europe

Mama Duniani ECO City in Europe

Mamma Duniani city is a European Eco-city in development. At Mama Duniani city we aim to develop successful entrepreneurship, sustainable living together in trust as a community and develop solutions for a better Earth.

Busquem co-creadors

Busquem co-creadors

Projecte de Comunitat

Tenim entre mans un projecte de Comunitat i busquem co-creadors per formar un grup cohesionat d’uns deu adults. Som cinc persones, tres d’elles adultes i hem establert unes bases mínimes per poder donar a conèixer el projecte i trobar gent afí.

Enriched Earth Ecovillage

Enriched Earth Ecovillage

Pioneering in Northern Ireland

Enriched Earth Ecovillage is an exciting project aspiring to create a pioneering and educational Ecovillage in Northern Ireland. For residents, guests, the local community, nationally and internationally we seek to become an inspiring example of best practice in sustainable living. We also seek to work closely with native culture through celebrating traditional music, food, festivals, customs, literature, language and dance.

"proyecto de vida sostenible"

"proyecto de vida sostenible"

Soy un chico que busca un espacio donde continuar viviendo y aprendiendo de la naturaleza dia a dia, en total consonancia con ella.
Estuve viviendo un año en Kenia en una comunidad frugívora, y voy a continuar la experiencia aqui en España, para ello me gustaria poder comprar un terreno en el norte.
Mi experiencia en Africa podeis leerla en facebook: "Fruitarian Paradise"

Saldé Eco Care

Saldé Eco Care

Lutte contre la dégradation de l'environnement à Saldé

Ceci est une idée de projet qui tient sa source sur une situation délicate que vivent les populations de la localité de Saldé. En effet, ce village qui est un patrimoine historique du Sénégal est menacé de disparition car avec l'érosion côtière ce village tombe petit à petit en ruine laissant une bonne partie de ses habitation au fleuve.

Ubuntu Village

Ubuntu Village

Ubuntu Village in Uganda

Welcome to Ubuntu Village. I am Michele Mitchell, a woman with a dream to help our families and communities become sustainable, self-reliant, and an example of organic global cooperation. While I created the concept years ago, I have finally taken my experience as an office manager to work hand in hand with Badru and the Kids in Kalisizo, Uganda as our first outreach. I am passionate in this and wish for all in my African family to have the chance to reach their highest potential, as a see everyone as a seed of their highest potential.