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Andrea Giraldo López

Eco-Designer (MS). Passionate and dedicated to Spiritual Awakening and individual and collective transformation as the foundation for a holistic Life. Some of my deepest grounds for learning are Evolutionary Spirituality, Permaculture and Integral Philosophy. I am a traveller. Very active and interested in projects and networks focused on inner transformation and generating impact in more conscious and sustainable sceneries including alternative education, deep ecology, natural building, conscious eating, spiritual medicine, sacred economy, art, and other areas that ignite transformation. Moved by my will to share visions with those interested in the co-creation of a new culture, and keep moving forward bringing the reality of a new humanity to this Present. Currently I am the co-founder of a transition initiative called Escuelas de Vida (Schools of Life) based in Manizales, my home town in Colombia: a network of agents of change who work towards the construction of a Permaculture UniDiversity; co-creator of the Awakened Life Project, spiritual movement in Portugal; member of the Transition Network; International Representative of NextGEN, the youth ecovillage movement; and member at CASA Jóvenes, Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America.