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Maria Cooper

Originally from Scotland, but raised in Sweden, I have always been close to nature, sailing, hiking, and skiing. My background is in International Relations and my passion lies in finding the links between human conflict resolution and environmental regeneration. I first came into contact with permaculture as I finished school and have been an experimenter with it since. During my university years I discovered the Transition Movement, and became very involved in a local group, doing things like community gardens, local currencies, deep ecology and behaviour change projects. Now I’m involved in the Transition Network, looking at how we can use permaculture design to reinvent local communities and social relationships, especially on the edge between conventional academic education and sustainable living. I am currently living in Findhorn and, when I’m not lost in the jungle I call my garden, I help to hold permaculture and ecovillage design courses within the Findhorn Foundation and College, as well as developing sustainable refugee projects.