mena vieira

GEN Int. Staff


Mena Vieira

I was born in Portugal with a global heart, from an early age developing love and curiosity for different lands and their people. I studied Fine Art in Scotland, nourishing my interest in all things beautiful, and soon after realized that this world is in need of more beautiful and healing ways of living together. A search for intentional community and for growing myself in a healthy and sustainable way took me to study and live in Findhorn (Scotland), Tamera (Portugal) and Neot Smadar (Israel) for the past 10 years. In the last 2 years I have been based in the Middle East and using my skills, mainly in design and production, in different projects: co-producing a 3 week peace walk in Israel-Palestine, developing trainings for sustainability and autonomy in Palestine with the initiative Global Campus. I also spent some time producing excellent organic goats cheese in the Negev desert, working with youth in India, and traveling through most inspiring places. I am moved by and follow the vision of a possible trust between all beings, of sustainable living in all areas, and of the paradise that is meant on this planet.