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Michael Dresser

I have a diverse variety of backgrounds – including the creative arts, administration, research, event-management, and bodywork! Following an upbringing which involved strong elements of social justice (including Quakerism, healthy living, and connections to the Greenham Common peace movement) I spent the first part of my adulthood embracing the more corporate side of the world (perhaps learning tools for learning how to work with the system from within?). Since moving to Scotland 3 years ago to become a member of an intentional community at Newbold Trust I have returned to the roots I was given, of strength through stillness, learning through nature and the body, and have begun to link the diverse strands of my life through a growing awareness of social sustainability.

I am passionate about communication – whether this be via written work, image, body movement, or administrative systems. I believe in ‘small is beautiful’ and the power of self-determination – that the first step in changing the world is the simplicity of being a living example of the values I wish to see. To use my own life as a way of demonstrating to others that there are alternative ways of living. We never know how far the ripples from one small visible action will spread.