Nara Petrovič

Nara is a man who dares to live differently and to write about it from his own experience. He is known as a writer and translator, excellent vegetarian cook, masseur, permaculture enthusiast, with a lot of knowledge about wild plants, ecovillages and genuine community, and also as one of the coordinators of the action Let’s clean Slovenia in one day! and of the action Let’s do it! World Cleanup. In 2013 he joined the initiative to create a sustainable community and science project that is presently called Sustanability Park Istra ( He is an amusing lecturer on various topics. Children love him because he tells the best stories. You can get familiar with his writing for children from his book The Treasure from the Sumsam Island. Nara travels a lot, but always with a good reason and purpose: to widen his worldview and to share experiences with others. You can expect him to be very cultured and wise, but don’t expect him to be polished and to respect all the "normal" manners. Nara simply does things by what is natural for human beings. He is always barefoot, he likes to sit on the floor, he squats on the toilet ... Breaking the ice, pioneering, starting up new chapters in all fields that invite him, that is Nara’s life. Nara is master of nothing, but he is good in many things. And what is crucial: he can describe it so well that his books and articles are a pleasure to read.