Here follows a list of publications that are especially concerned with the ecovillage movement. This list is by no means exclusive.

Ecovillages - New Frontiers for Sustainability

By Jonathan Dawson
Paperback Book

Schumacher Briefings 12

In recent years, ecovillages - local communities which aim to minimize their ecological impact but maximize human well-being and happiness - have proliferated worldwide. They incorporate a wealth of radical ideas and approaches which can be traced back to Schumacher, Gandhi, eco-feminism, and the alternative education movement. This Briefing describes the history and potential of the ecovillage movement.





Ecovillage Living Book

The most complete record about ecovillages and sustainable living to date. Ecovillage living is a happy, optimistic, colorful book about free people who are taking responsibility for their own lives, for their surroundings and for the global community. Without any support or funding they have created the basis of a new global culture.






"Living and Learning Centres" brochure

Many examples of a worldwide range of Living and Learning centers are shown in this threefolded brochure available also for download.