EDE in Democratic Republic of Congo

Second Intensive Ecovillage Kinshasa Workshop’s in Ecovillage Strategies

The second intensive workshop on ecovillage strategies in Kinshasa took place from 4 to 16 May 2015, at the Carter Center, the Center and IBI CEPROSEM village. 29 participants from Kinshasa, IBI village, and the Dévelopment Faculty Institute benefited from this training. Luc Lutala reports.

Spread over 126 hours, curriculum training from Gaia Education based on the holistic approach to sustainable development and climate change adaptation was presented. It aims to build sustainable communities, engaged in the construction of better living conditions in a sustainable way, and to find innovative local solutions supporting the protection of our planet, and improve living conditions.
The training touched on the following dimensions and modules:

Social Dimension
Sustainable development: a holistic approach of Gaia, building society in diversity, local governance, management of conflicts, and consensus in decision making. The creativity, the culture and the l’Art, how to share a vision for a common project; the functioning of the human being and its impact on leadership and social vision; and rituals for the important moments of projects, and the fundamental values.

Economic Dimension
Shifting the global economy to sustainability; healing by plants; local mutual savings; les aspects juridiques des éco villages, développement des opportunités d’entreprenariat local; Agroforesterie; the legal aspects of ecovillages; opportunities for development of local entrepreneurship; agroforestry; the marketing network and local exchange networks; and Cassava collection.

Ecologic Dimension
GMO's, local seeds and seed banks, water, appropriate technology, appropriate energy technologies; perma-techniques of urban culture, ecological garbage and composts, the carbon footprint, general plants and favorable planning, Biomass briquettes, renewable energy, composting, and 16 rocket stove bricks.

Worldview Dimension
Spirituality, meditation, inspirations and social commitment; Systemic Approach to Ecological Désign, the dynamic spiral, Connexion Human - Nature, developing healthy lifestyles;