Global Ecovillage NetworkCatalyzing Communities for a Regenerative World

The Global Ecovillage Network‘s shared purpose is to link and support ecovillages, educate the world about them, and grow the regenerative movement – to inspire, scale and facilitate communities and people from all walks of life to become active participants in the transition to a resilient and regenerative human presence on Earth.

Imagine a world living abundantly, while within its limits. A world that is regenerating rather than depleting the environment, and where cooperation and connection are rewarded. GEN aims to create such a world by spreading the physical and cultural technology of ecovillages. We invite you to get involved with this work!

Solutions for Sustainability

We face many challenges in our time. Fortunately there are many solutions and people willing to implement them! The Solution Library connects these two to help make the transition to sustainability universally accessible. Visit the Solution Library to learn more!

Educational Resources

Central to GEN's mission is spreading knowledge about ecovillages to people around the globe. Here is a selection of educational books, videos, and tools that we hope will help!
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