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GEN International Newsletter September 2013

GEN Autumn Newsletter

Dear readers, friends of Ecovillages, and media partners,  Thank you again for your wonderful contributions.  We see and feel how alive this network is. This time we have been sent several articles about economy in ecovillages.  Today´s finance systems are responsible for the exploitation and 'growth beyond measure' that is destroying our planet. Its laws,... Read Newsletter

GEN International Newsletter June 2013

It takes a whole village to raise a child

Dear Friends of the Global Ecovillage Network On the verge of two major conferences about ecovillages and sustainable communities, the GEN Conference in Schweibenalp, Switzerland, (7-12 July), and the ICSA Conference (International Communal Studies Association) in Findhorn, Scotland (26-28 June), we send you the GEN International newsletter with current information, stories... Read Newsletter

GEN International Newsletter April 2013

GEN Spring Newsletter

Looking at our world today, it is unclear whether humanity is waking up in time to collectively change our pathways into the future. We see growing tensions in Central Asian countries; economic crises leaving people in Europe and USA without securities they have long taken for granted; continuing tensions in the Middle East and exploitation of resources in Africa. We see... Read Newsletter

GEN International Newsletter January 2013

Editorial by Kosha Joubert and Leila Dregger Everywhere on our planet people are coming together to make a difference. In their villages, towns and regions they are sharing new and old insights about organic farming and sustainable architecture, about conflict resolution, forgiveness and new economies. They’re restoring ecosystems after pollution and destruction, and... Read Newsletter