Generous Anonymous Donation

Anonymous donor supports projectes in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America

A select few local projects in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America, made beneficial gains and improvements following a generous donation by anonymous donor.

Most projects focused on improving food systems and youth education. They ranged from improving quality of life through active participation of youth; establishing a new ecovillage emphasizing a culture of trust; organizing workshops empowering women to start their own cooperatives; supporting a genetic resource centre helping preserve medicinal plants and seed banks, amongst others...

Strengthening these local initiatives brings about more autonomy to local people and local communities, consequently leading to the further blossoming of these projects. People’s knowledge increases rendering a greater selection of applicable tools to create a more sustainable way of life with greater independence.

The local effects of these projects reverberate outwards, in founding local learning centres whereby surrounding communities also benefit and learn, creating a ripple of self-sufficiency and partnerships.

A few excerpts of gratitude from the projects:

“During this journey we have experienced and developed processes to share our dreams, educate and empower children and youth to stand for their own future (...) For your kindness, we wish you healthy, happy and peaceful long life...” ~ Metta

“Thank you very much for the support to OTEPIC Kenya project, I do appreciate from the deepest part of my heart on behalf of our communities in Kenya. We are always being motivated with your love in many ways...” ~ Philip


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