Chile Disaster Relief / Part 2

Bio-Constructors of Dreams

After the flood in Atacama, the ecovillage helpers came up with a prototype for comprehensive reconstruction, called SRI. Alberto Alfaro Keim and Javier Fuentes share about their work and plans and tell us how you can help.

We are a team of humanitarian experts working with sustainable solutions that advises, supports and empowers communities living in an emergency situation, in the realization of their project-dream, to rebuild their lives in a sustainable way.

The focus of our work is not welfare, but relates from social development: strengthening affective interpersonal relationships and personal and community empowerment. We are accompanying affected families in a process of comprehensive reconstruction to generate lasting change over time and re-infect people with life, hope and love: leaving seeds in their hearts to spread a new, harmonious and creative way of life.
We want to demonstrate sustainable livelihoods for families and communities in emergency environmental disasters. We listen to their voices and channel their dreams of progress, delivering ideas and concrete solutions to their basic needs.

How we do it
Crews are made up of experts and young volunteers with social commitment, working closely with people in the urban or rural community who are expressing their need to use the crisis to make sustainable changes in their lives.
Applying a comprehensive reconstruction prototype called SRI (system of comprehensive reconstruction), a fast and effective response is given to psychosocial and infrastructure needs that the families of the affected communities require.
The focus of this work is based on human development, strengthening affective interpersonal relationships and personal and community empowerment.

SRI prototype project, aims to cover basic needs through the development of 5 processes:
Psychosocial process: Addressing the psycho-emotional problems of the community, both individually and in groups, developing social skills in people.
Green Building Process: Delivery of innovative tools with theoretical and practical approach to post-disaster reconstruction, through a learning process in action.
Eco-Schools process: psycho-educational process encouraging children and youth in the community through the development of various workshops.
Process Skills for Life: Increase the skills of the community to develop new products innovation and social entrepreneurship.
Process action practices in disaster: Training people from the community with pro-active skills in the prevention and mitigation of risk.

The first place to apply this system was in the village of El Salado, district of Chañaral, where various workshops have generated reconstruction aimed at teaching appropriate technology and conducting workshops for psycho-emotional support.

Besides the constant permanence of the dream bio-constructors in the village team, the initiative has generated a close relationship with the community that has facilitated the implementation of the project.

The intervention was supported by ACHNU (Pro United Nations Chilean Association), and Save the Children, whose contribution ended in July. The project will be continued for 4 months through the Atacama Social Innovation project, conducted by CORFO; extending the intervention to the commune of Diego de Almagro in the Atacama through the implementation of the SRI prototype. Using the Dome building as a practice room and a base camp for workshop implementation and development of the prototype processes 5 SRI. We invite everybody to join the team of the bio-constructors of dreams and be an active part in this revolution in action.

What we need
Professionals and volunteers on the ground who give workshops during the 4 months of intervention, with knowledge and/or interest on Permaculture, Bio-construction, gardening and composting, spirituality, alternative therapies, Solidarity Economy, Social Work, web design, mechanics, electronics and education for children, youth and adults.
If it is not you, then who? ... If not now, when?

People who join the team may participate in the classes that are given in the Dome: Karate-Do, Biodanza, and Kundalini Yoga. They will also learn related topics: Permaculture, Composting Huerta, Green Building, developing social skills, solidarity economy, among others. Besides having the experience of working closely with children, youth, adults and elders of the communities that have been affected by natural disasters, the initiative is part of a growing experience and existential transformation, both personal and collective.

If you want to support financially, write to Alberto Alfaro Keim. Email: [email protected]
Javier Fuentes: [email protected]
Mail: [email protected] Facebook: bioconstructoresdesuenos

Let us be the change we wish to see in the world!
We believe a new humanity together!



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