Strand Report

International and Gender Dialogue

Some of the lessons, energies and experiences of these days begin to settle and find their place in me, so rich and multilayered. I very much appreciate the contact and working together with Visolela Namises, from Namibia, and Alberto Ruz from Mexico, the incredible richness of wisdom and sensitivity of our group and the systemic approach we used to explore the complexity of our collective structures.

What touched me most were two things. First, the depth of generational and gender-based trauma now available to those who consent to consciousness as a collective experiment in how they live their lives. Even in brief strand sessions, through opening to the deeper field of trauma using systemic tools, we were able to touch upon layers that immediately opened to the transformational potential of the work to very powerful effect.

And secondly, how we have hardly begun to tap into the inner skills and sensitivities that are available to us as conscious collectives. It feels imperative to me, as more people co-create new outward forms of physical and virtual online community, that we also learn to co-create and nurture inner spaces in which we are welcomed in our wholeness: where subtle capacities can be activated and shared, and where inner tools and approaches can emerge in response to the layers of trauma and denial that are repressed and perpetuated within mainstream society.

There is so much healing available to us through higher dimensions of consciousness as we learn to grow, hold and navigate our world from a much deeper ground, as well as a crying need especially for a new education in subtle sensitivities and skills. This will be education in energetic work applied in collective contexts, in learning to access and explore subtle informational-fields, and in clearing layers of collective human experience that may then make available to us our next evolutionary openings. With deep thanks especially to the indigenous wisdom-tradition holders at the gathering, who blessed us with their gifts and presence.

I wonder how it would be possible to download and shape a container and field in which many could gather and - for those who choose to explore their sensitivity - to tune-in to the subtle dimensions of the entire eco-village movement for instance, with a dual purpose: (1) to allow for the trauma mentioned above to emerge more wholly and safely through well-held spaces designed to allow and facilitate this, and (2), as an effect of this - to then be able to explore the deeper healing potentials and the higher frequencies of consciousness available to those committed to this kind of work or space.

So much is available and accessible, even in the brief meetings we saw - as soon as the space is opened, through invocation and purpose. The eco-village movement is probably holding disproportionately much of the trauma compared with the mainstream and dominant cultures because of its openness and consent, which would then be available to this deep work. Are there containers for this?
In our space, people’s availability and appetite for this work was immediate, immense and compelling - far, far more than we could, of course, contain and serve in the space and time allowed.


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