Japan: Spirituality of Birth Giving

Spiritual Birth-Giving in the Konohana Family

In the ecovillage Konohana Family, in Japan, women give birth to children in their homes, in maternity centers, or in the hospital at the Konohana Family, depending on their wishes, physical condition, and advice from other members. As there are many experienced parents at Konohana Family, mothers-to-be are able to learn and master how to become parents very naturally. Members of Konohana Family consider all the children as their own and raise them as the children of the society. Yoko Oki shares the basic philosophy of creating new life.

Birth Giving is a very sacred and precious event for all lives. What do we mean by sacred? The Chinese characters of the womb indicate “the shrine of a child”, and in Japanese, the birth channel has the same pronunciation as the approach in the shrine. Therefore, babies wait for the perfect timing to be born in the sacred shrines of women’s bodies, go through the sacred pass to the gateway, until eventually they appear in this world!

Moreover, in this world, with its fractal structure of self-similarity, the creation of life follows the same principles as the creation of the universe. Interestingly, the male energy that penetrates vertically in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy looks like male genitals. And the disk of the Milky Way Galaxy from a lateral view has the same shape as female genitals.

In any life, regardless of its size, the vertical divine energy comes down first. Then, the male and female energy appear - the male counterclockwise and the female clockwise - work together, and become one. This union of energies creates sacred lives on all levels: from micro-organisms, plants, animals, humans, planets, our solar system, galaxies, and even in the universe itself. The most important thing here is that life can be created beautifully and purely only when the divine energy comes down between male and female.

Therefore, it is significant to connect with the divine when a man and a woman meet, develop love, become one, and receive a new life. Birth giving is as miraculous as the creation of a star in the universe. And every single human life is as unique and special as all the stars. If people have such a universal viewpoint, all the lives on Earth will be valued and respected naturally.

In addition, the Chinese character of Life has another meaning—the Divine. In other words, we are souls divided from the Divine and have entered into the phenomena of the world as Life from the realm of the potential where the Divine exists. Also, the Chinese character of Life consists of two parts; a month, and an order. This means people pray to the Divine and receive the Divine will to live. If so, many people might think that we just live with our own will. But is this true?

We are living on a miraculous planet Earth. It is moving at the speed of 30km per second, and playing a major role among other planets, and it exists in an even broader structure of the universe. In the same way, all our lives are supported based on the great system beyond our thoughts. Only if we are aware of this fact will we be able to meet our true selves. It is our inner will that makes ourselves exist. Therefore, we are given life and roles by the universal will, surrounding us, which is the same as our inner will. We won’t be able to know who we are without such awareness. Life is given to us to get to know ourselves. To know ourselves is to know the structure of the universe.

Therefore, birth giving is not just meeting a new life, but meeting a new self—remembering the true self through the sacred process. Actually, new lives are more advanced spiritually, so they will help us to remember who we are and enhance our spirituality, so that we can connect with the divine all the time.

In fact, living itself is meeting the divine. Therefore, every single human activity, such as eating, working, and sleeping is as sacred as birth giving. In this meaning, it is not only women’s bodies who have wombs, but the bodies of all humans can be shrines to receive the divine energy and live with it.

The 21st century is the era when humans will realize this. All Konohana Family members live a daily life based on such spirituality. As a matter of fact, all new lives decide when and where to be born before they appear into this world. Among them, especially unique souls seem to choose Konohana Family to promote human awakening, since the life purpose of Konohana members is to become a model of a new era, and to manifest the divine will on Earth.

We hope that all the people will become aware of their divinity, which is sleeping within themselves, and give birth to a new life - the universal network of the goodwill, love, and harmony - together.


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