Holistic Sustainability Design

GEN approaches regeneration with a holistic perspective. We can work with you on integral design – a comprehensive synthesis of all the facets of your project – or focus in on its social, cultural, ecological, or economic aspects.

Social Resiliency

What is the social glue that holds a group together, and how can we work together to get the best out of our resources and opportunities? Let us help you with that!

  • Cultivate trust and build thriving communities – increase social glue and connection, integrate diversity in ways that bring strength and aliveness
  • Foster transparent communication and accountable institutions – adopt ways of speaking and organising that strengthen community, integrity and responsibility
  • Practise conflict facilitation and peacebuilding skills – heal past conflicts, resolve existing disagreements, and put in place systems that prevent new ones from escalating
  • Empower participatory leadership and good governance – Design and implement governance and decision making methods based on inclusion, empowerment and collaboration, fit for your specific context and aims
  • Ensure equal and lifelong access to holistic education – Develop local programmes for holistic education, or design and host your own applied Global Ecovillage Learning Journey
  • Nurture health and wellbeing for all – Explore different paradigms of health and find ways that your group or community can meet its wellbeing needs in sustainable ways.

Ecological Regeneration

Replenish your ecosystem so life can thrive.

We can help you meet your needs for food, water energy and shelter in ways that encourage innovation, self-reliance and give back to the Earth.

Services include:

  • Grow seeds, food and soils through organic agriculture – work with nature to create high-yielding organic produce ecosystems suited to your location and climate
  • Clean, harvest and replenish sources and cycles of water – secure your water supply in low impact ways that make it last indefinitely
  • Move towards 100% renewable energy & transport – efficiently power, heat, cool and light up your life using energy from sun, wind, water and natural processes
  • Innovate, apply and spread green building technologies – create beautiful and inspiring built environments
  • Work with waste as a valuable resource – embrace recycling, upcycling, and the circular economy
  • Sequester carbon, increase biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems – reverse degradation, have a positive impact, and future proof your environment

Economic Sustainability

Create local economies that contribute to the wellbeing of all.

Develop economic systems and business models based on collaboration, fair share and sustainability. We can work to empower the creativity and ingenuity of your community to build local economies that serve both people and planet.

Services include:

  • Reconstruct the concepts of wealth, work and progress – create systems based on values that support true thriving for people and planet
  • Work towards equitable ownership of land and resources – get practical help with implementing legally sound ways of ethical ownership
  • Have the courage to collaborate and share generously – harness the power of sharing, collaborative and gift economies in new solutions for your community
  • Cultivate social entrepreneurship for local regeneration – turn passion and innovation into viable businesses building a new economy of care
  • Design alternative banking and monetary systems – figure out how to design alternative financial systems that work to strengthen what you hold dear
  • Invest in sustainable production and fair trade – create sustainable local and international supply networks

Cultural Regeneration

Our perspective on the world shapes our destiny.

How do the customs, beliefs, and worldviews of your community influence your effect on the world? We can help to recognise, honour or evolve cultural practices that promote connection, human dignity and meaningful living.

Services include:

  • Clarify higher purpose and vision – Let vision be your guide and glue, and develop a shared sense of what you want to create, and why you are willing to go that extra mile to make it real
  • Nurture mindfulness and self reflection – Find ways of integrating balance, contemplation and feedback in daily life
  • Honour traditional wisdom while integrating positive innovation – Develop and nurture shared beliefs, practices and traditions that combine the best of where you came from with the world you want to create
  • Engage actively to protect communities and nature – Identify strategies for standing in solidarity to protect what is sacred to you
  • Create space for art and celebration – Discover art as an integral part of being alive, and discover the power of celebration to create meaning and build regenerative cultures
  • Reconnect to nature and embrace low-impact lifestyles – Nurture a sense of belonging and connection, translated into practical ways of living with a smaller footprint

Integral Design

Develop a Comprehensive Sustainability Plan

GEN approaches Sustainability Services from a Integral Design perspective and methodology.

Focuses include:

  • Learn from nature and practise whole systems thinking – Use holistic design approaches like permaculture, biomimicry and systems thinking to create inspired sustainable solutions
  • Engage all stakeholders in designs for the future – Participatory design is a cornerstone of GEN’s work, and of the long-term success of new projects and solutions – make sure to develop plans supported by everyone concerned
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and leverage points – Increase your efficiency and success by actively looking for win-win situations and clearly mapping your situation
  • Innovate, prototype and tighten feedback loops – Let us guide you through a process of iterative design and innovation based on actionable steps and direct feedback
  • Find the appropriate scale for efficient solutions – design fitting solutions for your particular project’s scale, budget, vision, ecosystem, and purpose. Define reachable steps for action
  • Build alliances for mutual support across all divides – Map and expand your networks of support, collaboration and influence to increase and leverage your impact in the world

Sustainability Services from GEN

Essential Assessment

Video chat consultation up to 1 hour total, plus a summary report via email.
  • The Consultancy Coordinator will be in touch to help determine the scope and details of your project. Please outline your project here to start. Thanks!
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Advanced Consultation

Meet virtually for 3 video calls and email totaling up to 5 hours, plus a customized summary report, and a bonus 30 minute follow up call.

Dimension Assessment

Focus in depth on one of the dimensions of sustainability above, for a total of 25 hours of in-person, phone, and/or email sustainability services. Plus receive a detailed report, and a bonus 2 follow up calls totaling up to 30 minutes each.

Integral Design

This Comprehensive Sustainability Services Plan includes up to 75 hours of consultation services, often from more than one GEN Consultant. It also includes a bonus of up to 4 follow up calls, up to 30 minutes each.

Regenerate our Ecosystem

Climate change threatens the weather, water, and stability of the ecosystem all around the world. We can join together to transform our relationship to the earth and work with nature instead of against it.

Resiliency is Strength

Responding to a changing climate, economic instability and social upheaval means taking it upon ourselves to build systems that are durable, flexible, and regenerative. We can protect and nourish communities, plan by plan, and step by step.

Sustainability in Solidarity

Over 200 countries have joined together to identify and to address common goals for sustainable development. GEN’s holistic approach addresses each of the UN goals. GEN also contributes as a UN Consultant.
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