GEN Livestreaming at COP22

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Monday, 14 November 18:00 GMT - Sonita Mbah: Bringing out the Voice of Youth - Social Entrepreneurship and Climate Change in Cameroon 

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Sonita Mbah was born and grew up in Cameroon and is a facilitator as well as administrator and public relations officer of Better World Cameroon and Bafut Ecovillage ( Since 2009, Sonita has dedicated herself to reconnecting young people to the land and carrying out cross-culture education through youth camps and to organising trainings for the economic empowerment of women, youth leadership engagement and introduction to Permaculture for small scale farmers. She is currently combining an Msc in Integrative Ecosocial Design at Gaia University, coordinating and facilitating agricultural activities at Bafut Ecovillage and working with NextGEN-Africa. She is passionate about regenerative education and continues to develop as a professional facilitator working with experts from diverse backgrounds. 

Tuesday, 15 November 18:00 GMT -Tim Clarke & Michael Farrelly: Local Communities as Drivers of Climate Change Adaptation - Climate Change Ecovillages in Tanzania: Putting Women First

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Michael Farrelly currently serves as Programme Manager at Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement. With 14 years experience of development work across Africa, from building village water supplies to promoting ecological agriculture, he has designed several climate change adaptation projects. The acclaimed Chololo Ecovillage project brought together seven diverse organizations to create a model of good practice in climate change adaptation in dryland Africa, integrating agriculture, livestock, water, energy and forestry in the quest for community resilience.

Tim Clarke is a former EU Ambassador to Tanzania and the African Union, now serving as a GEN Ambassador and GEN’s representative in the European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability, ECOLISE. Through three decades of working in a wide variety of positions for European Institutions, he developed a passion for a range of Issues: community-led development; the fight against injustice and inequality and for the dignity of the most vulnerable; for women’s, girls’ and children’s rights; for environmental conservation; for mitigation of the impact of climate change; for food security; for culture and inter-cultural dialogue; for good governance and democracy-building; and for eco-innovation and eco-development. Having left a tangible legacy in these areas, Tim now devotes himself to pro bono work on these issues. 

Wednesday, 16 November 18:00 GMT - Margarita Zethelius - Ecovillages, Peace and Climate Change in Colombia

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Margarita O. Zethelius is a biologist from Colombia with an MSc in Conservation and Rural Development. Her experience includes 15 years of design, management and implementation of sustainable development projects and community strategies for communication and education for conservation. A skilled networker, she is part of Berkeley University's Environmental Leadership Program ELP and WWF's Education for Nature Program EFN. She also works with Project Development within GEN. As part of the board of CASA (Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America) and with the NGO Alliances for Abundance, she is working on the inclusion and development of grassroots initiatives for climate change adaptation, peace building and conservation. She also sits on the board of GAIA Education. Currently she works principally with Afro-Colombian, indigenous and peasants communities.