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Founded in 1975, the Federation of Damanhur is an eco-society: a federation of communities and eco-villages with their own social and political structure in continual evolution.

The Federation of Damanhur is a centre for spiritual, artistic and social research known throughout the whole world. Its philosphy is based on action, optimism and upon the idea that every human being lives to leave something of themselves to the others and to contribute towards the growth and evolution of the whole of humanity.

The Federation of Damanhur is comprised of communities, with about 20 people living in each of them. Around 400 supporters live in the surrounding valleys and regularly participate in the activities of Damanhur. Community life encourages the creation of a social model based upon solidarity – a strong expression of which is voluntary work – with respect for others and the environment and the sharing of ethical and spiritual values.

The settlements of the Federation in the area of Valchiusella extend across more than 1,200 acres of territory which includes woodland, farmland, residential areas with around a hundred private dwellings, arts workshops, craft studios, businesses and farms. Damanhur has centres in Italy, Europe and Japan and collaborates with spiritual and community groups throughout the world.

The Federation has it own schools, from nursery school to Junior High:The education of the little children is very important and the chosen educational path is well defined and at the leading edge, while at the same time guaranteeing the formative skills required by the Italian State. Just as important is the continuing education of the adults: the Federation has a Free University, offering courses and experiential platforms open to debating with researchers from all around the world.

Damanhur has a Constitution, an alternative currency, a daily newspaper, magazines, arts and craft workshops, a conference centre and laboratories for applied medical and scientific research.

Damanhur was founded in 1975 when a group of people came together around the figure of philosopher and healer Oberto Airaudi, to plan the creation of a new society where everyday life could be the practical application of spiritual values. The goals of Damanhur are, in fact: freedom and the re-awakening of the human being as a divine, spiritual and material principle; the creation of a model of life based upon ethical principles of living together well and with love; the harmonious integration and collaboration with all the Forces linked to the evolution of Humankind.

In Damanhur the uniqueness of each person is considered important and of value. The talents of each person add towards the realisation of an innovative and complex society in constant evolution and growth, where kindness, a sense of humour and creativity are the foundations of its values.

Damanhur is renowned throughout the world for the Temples of Humankind, an underground work of art, completely realised by hand. The Halls of Water, Earth, Spheres, Mirrors, Metals, the Blue Temple, the Labyrinth - the Temples are a precious casket in which Damanhur celebrates universal spirituality in order to define a new road of union between the human and the divine for the humanity of our times.