GEN International Newsletter September 2013

GEN Autumn Newsletter

Dear readers, friends of Ecovillages, and media partners, 

Thank you again for your wonderful contributions.  We see and feel how alive this network is. This time we have been sent several articles about economy in ecovillages.  Today´s finance systems are responsible for the exploitation and 'growth beyond measure' that is destroying our planet. Its laws, such as exponential interest growth, are alien to life, but still steer and dominate the lives of most people and many ecosystems. We have to create alternatives. Fair, just, in solidarity, and transparent - these are some of the features of a sustainable economy. Regional and local economy circles need a finance system that fits itself to their requirements and keeps the value in the region.  Ecovillages can do a lot in this field. They are becoming models for economy on a human scale.  People who live in ecovillages can become conscious consumers, producers, and traders of local goods.  Living in such ways can make a real difference to a region's sustainability and also support traditional producers and help mitigate the economic crisis.  On a small scale, based on trust and the pioneering spirit, many economic experiments are taking place: shared ownership, regional currencies, micro-credit, barter markets, and the gift economy, to name a few. Read more in some of the following contributions.  We wish you great inspiration in reading this news.  Share the newsletter with your friends and all interested people.  On the website: you will find more news stories.  The next newsletter will be published on December 21st, with the deadline for contributions on December 1st. Please do write and tell us what you are engaged in. As a theme for the next newsletter we suggest "Healing the inner wounds of colonialism".  

All the best Jenefer Marquis and Leila Dregger,

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