Green Zone Side Event COP22

Establishing a Pan African Ecovillage Development Programme for Climate Resilience and to Achieve the SDGs

today Wed 2016-11-16
19:00 - 20:30
Room 6 COP22, Marrakech, Green Zone
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For the past 20 years the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and its regional affiliate, GEN-Africa, have been developing a transformative model, using an integrated, multi-sectoral community-based approach to create sustainable and resilient ecovillage communities. Africa is home to some of the most innovative Ecovillage programmes in the world, notably in Senegal where the success of grassroots ecovillage communities has led to the development of a National Ecovillage Agency working to transform 14,000 rural villages into ecovillages.

GEN is now developing a ‘Pan-African Ecovillage Development Programme’ designed to radically reform current development practices and put communities, sustainability, and wealth creation at the heart of the development process.


Ousmane Pame President GEN Africa, Senegal


  • Tim Clarke, Former EU Ambassador to Tanzania and African Union
  • Rob Wheeler, Main UN Representative, Global Ecovillage Network, USA
  • Macaco Tamerice, GEN Advisory Board, Italy
  • Maurice Phillips, Founder, Sandele EcoRetreat, The Gambia
  • Joshua Konkankoh, Director, Better World Cameroon
  • Ousmane Pame, President, GEN­ Africa; Senegal
  • Linda Kabaira, Board, GEN-Africa, Zimbabwe
  • Kosha Joubert, Executive Director, Global Ecovillage Network


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