Green Zone Side Event COP22

Traditional knowledge - Ecology of careCreating a better future with sustainable yogic agriculture and increased awareness of health and nutrition.
With Brahma Kumaris

today Tue 2016-11-15
18:45 - 20:00
Indigenous P. & C.' Pavilion COP22, Marrakech, Green Zone
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Ancient cultures have long accepted the power of the mind, and agriculture and food security is one of the most pressing issues of these times.

Our ancestors were aware of how we are interwoven into the wider context of our living, including how these connections impact our health and vitality.

For over four years, small landholders in India have been integrating mind-heart based meditation with methods of organic farming. This 90 minute Brahma Kumaris’ workshop will explore this experimental process, being both instructive and practical, didactic and interactive.


  • Ecovillage - Traditional Wisdom and Positive Innovation, Kosha Joubert (MSc Org. Dev.), Executive Director of the Global Ecovillage Network
  • Nutrition, Romina Melwani (Dip NT), Nutritional Therapist, General Treasurer of the Moroccan Association de Réflexion pour le Ressourcement Intérieur
  • Yogic agriculture – the resilience and application of spiritual knowledge, Valeriane Bernard, Educator, Brahma Kumaris’ NGO Representative to the UN, Geneva
  • Health, Juan Vazquez Milling, Canada/Mexico, Homeopath, Youth Coordinator Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative