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The world is changing. We can help you adapt to it, while being the change you want to be. GEN provides holistic sustainability services to address the challenges facing communities, governments, and villages around the globe.

Resiliency and Regeneration – from every Perspective

Whole Systems Design

Navigating a complex and interconnected world requires a holistic approach to action. We can guide you through a process of participatory design, identifying and developing solutions that create win-win situations and contribute to the health and resilience of your system as a whole.

Social Resiliency

Cooperation is a powerful force in the universe. We can assist with governance models, community building, conflict resolution, and advice to navigate group dynamics.

Ecological Restoration

What if our impact on the planet was regenerative rather than depleting? We can serve your plans for clean energy, sustainable agriculture, water management, or natural building, to thrive on this planet.

Economic Sustainability

Develop economic systems and business models based on collaboration, fair share and sustainability. We can work to empower the creativity and ingenuity of your community to build local economies that serve both people and planet.

Cultural Regeneration

How do the customs, beliefs, and worldviews of your community influence your effect on the world? We can help to recognise, honour or evolve cultural practices that promote connection, human dignity and meaningful living.

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Essential Assessment

The Sustainability Consultancy’s main focus is to determine what you need and to provide our best advice for your next steps, including links to resources and solutions, and advice on additional sustainability consultancy services.

Services include a phone or video chat consultation up to 1 hour total, plus a summary report via email.

  • The Consultancy Coordinator will be in touch to help determine the scope and details of your project. Please be encouraged to outline you project here to start. Thanks!
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Advanced Consultation

The Sustainability Consultancy provides advice custom tailored to your needs. It dives deep into one or more issues or a dimension of sustainability.

Services includes 3 phone calls and email correspondence totaling up to 6 hours, plus a customized summary report, and a bonus 30 minute follow up call 3 months after consultation.

Dimension Assessment

This package includes a deep analysis, reporting, and remote or in- person work to ascertain the goals, needs, and issues, and to offer a comprehensive plan for any of the dimensions of sustainability.

This includes up to 40 hours of in-person, phone, and/or email consultation, plus a detailed report, and a bonus 2 follow up calls totaling up to 30 minutes each.

Whole Systems Design Consultation

This Comprehensive Sustainability Services Plan includes up to 75 hours of consultation services, often from more than one GEN Consultant. It also includes a bonus of up to 4 follow up calls, up to 30 minutes each.

Our project implementation partners and school communities in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe have been empowered and transformed as a result of our partnership with the GEN Sustainability Consultancy.Mugove Walter Nyika, RESCOPE, Greening Schools, Zimbabwe

Meet Global Ecovillage Network’s Sustainability Consultancy

GEN’s team of Sustainability Consultants is composed of experts from each dimension of sustainability from around the world. When you Reserve Services you can select your preferred consultant, or allow us to match you to experts who can best help with your specific needs.

Kosha Joubert, MSc serves as Executive Director of the Global Ecovillage Network. She has many years of experience as an international facilitator, trainer, and consultant and has worked extensively in the fields of community empowerment, intercultural collaboration and sustainable development. Kosha grew up in South Africa under Apartheid and has been dedicated to building bridges across divides ever since. She has lived in ecovillages for the past 25 years. Kosha is also a co-founder of Gaia E… View profile
Trainer, Researcher, Facilitator, Community Consultant. Education Director at Global Ecovillage Network. Curriculum, Tool, and Trainings Developer. Project Manager in Education, Ecovillage Incubation, and Social Entrepreneurship. Academic research on localisation and participatory community-building as tools for autonomy and social change. Has lived and worked internationally in several ecovillages, tribal communities and organisations, including 5 years in the Findhorn ecovillage in Scotland. Now lives a nomadic life onboard a sailboat. View profile
Yvette Dzakpasu is passionate about using the law to work toward sustainable peace and development for local communities while advancing human rights generally and women’s rights in particular. Yvette joins us from the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) where she assisted with strategic planning of WILPF’s global programmes and conducted legal research.Yvette received her master’s in Law from Columbia University where she focused on International Law and Huma… View profile
Mugove's academic background is in Environmental Education with a Master of Education from Rhodes University in South Africa in this field. He worked for 14 years at various levels in the education sector in Zimbabwe, and since 1996 he has been a Permaculture teacher, Project Manager and Environmental Activist. His Permaculture teaching experience and environmental activism has been specialized on working with school communities. The geographical coverage of his footprint includes Zimbabwe, Mala… View profile
Sarah Queblatin is an integral sustainable development practitioner weaving experience for the last 10 years covering environmental education, cultural heritage, peacebuilding, development communication, and humanitarian assistance for I/NGOs. After responding to conflict and disasters, she was inspired to join the Transition and the Ecovillage Movement and moved to Maia Earth Village in Palawan, Philippines realising the need for whole - systems designed solutions. Sarah is a transformative art… View profile
Founder of the Ecovillage Training Center in Tennessee. Previous President and Co-Founder of Global Ecovillage Network. Degrees in political science, law and permaculture. Designs drawdown ecovillages, ecodistricts and economies. Visiting professor for Gaia University, Nanjing Agricultural University, and Gaia Education. Author of 16 books including Climate in Crisis, The Biochar Solution, and The Paris Agreement. Resident of The Farm community in Summertown, Tennessee since 1972. View profile
Trainer, coach, facilitator and organisational consultant. Since 1995 he has lived in the Findhorn Foundation ecovillage, Scotland where he has Chaired both the Foundation’s Management Committee and Board of Trustees. In 1995 he co-founded the Findhorn Consultancy Service. Faculty member of the Findhorn Foundation’s Ecovillage Training. Taught Ecovillage Design Education courses in Scotland, Germany, India and Africa. Registered Facilitator for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. View profile
Agronomist and environmentalist specialized in agro-ecology with 25 years of experience, yoga teacher, reiki master, agro-ecological farmer and beekeeper. He recently established his own agro-ecological farm (The Humanistic Farm- Ma’azouza). Dagher is the one, who introduced Palestine to agro-ecology 15 years ago. He established the first eco-village in the West Bank of Palestine. He is a member of Sharaka (means partnership) group (a Palestinian voluntary group working in supporting Palestini… View profile
Lives and works in the intentional community, ZEGG, Germany for 30 years. ZEGG's Chief Landscape Designer, creating fertile soil and an edible landscape on glacial sand using Permaculture. Studied Social Work, taught Communication skills for over 20 years. Building soil is his greatest passion, and he produces Biochar and Terra Preta soils. Problem solving, resource conservation, waste water treatment. View profile
Combining an MSc in Integrative EcoSocial Design with Gaia University while representing the youth wing of GEN (NextGEN-Africa) and coordinating the Bafut Ecovillage project. Born in Cameroon, dedicated the last 4 years reconnecting young people to the land and carrying out youth entrepreneurship and cross-cultural education programs. Executive Secretary for GEN-Africa. View profile
International Relations, Coordinator of International Community Relations, and President at Damanhur Education. Experience as President and Vice President of GEN-Europe, and GEN Advisory Board. Leads and translates EDEs and workshops for food preservation. International speaker, facilitator, and Gaia Education Educator. View profile
Founder of Ghana Permaculture Institute and Eco-Village. President of Brong Ahafo Moringa Farmers Association, President of Global Ecovillage Network Ghana. New Apostolic Priestly Ministry, District Elder. Diploma in Tropical Agriculture, Peace Corps Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate in Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign from the UN, Certificate in Agroforestry. Extensive knowledge with Community participation, Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), Permaculture projects, sustainable agriculture, mycology, research, organizational development, course design and administration. View profile

Sustainability Consultancy – at your Service

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GEN is a registered Charity in Scotland that cooperates with 5 global regions. Services are available from GEN, as well as a network of world experts.

Sustainable Development

GEN provides solutions to strive towards each of the goals (SDG’s) agreed to at the Paris Climate Agreement. GEN advocates for ecovillages with UN Consultative status.

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